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Case studies 

Bid process development

Never Second were engaged by an international accounting network to develop a best practice bid process and suite of supporting tools. Our partners also created a two day training course for senior fee earners which has been rolled out in every continent, involving people from over 60 countries.

Network firms which have fully implemented the process and training have seen significant increases in their win rates for competitive tenders and also made their informal business development more effective.

High impact bid writing

One of the great paradoxes of the world of proposals is that professionals hate writing them, but spend a disproportionate amount of time doing just that. With Never Second’s bid writing training, our clients have learned how to write very effective proposals which are tailored to the prospect in less time.

We also help training participants to write high impact executive summaries which immediately engage the reader, and they learned how to gut a request for proposal or invitation to tender so that they answer the question and give the prospect what they want.

Pitch presentation skills

Teams that spend too much time on their proposal documents are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Endlessly rewriting a document which isn’t going to win the bid is often done at the expense of proper presentation preparation.

We have developed tailored “learning by doing” pitch presentation training, helping participants better articulate their key messages, manage hand-offs effectively and deal with killer questions. Clients who’ve attended these courses report immediate successes putting the lessons learned into practice.

Writing bids

Our partners are regularly engaged by clients to help with all aspects of the bid process including editing or writing bid documents to free up fee earner time for prospect-facing activities. We work throughout Europe to help clients produce proposals which are tailored to the specific needs of the prospect, answer the question, and differentiate their offer from the competition. In win/loss debriefs our clients’ bid documents are regularly recognised for their quality and effectiveness.

Managing the bid process

Clients who lack in-house bid resource, or whose team is over-stretched come to us to project manage the process from the Bid / No Bid decision, through the team kick off session, fact finding meetings and bid document, to preparing for the pitch presentation and Q&A, and win / loss debrief.

Every member of our team has worked in the professions for 20 years or more, so we know how to keep a bid on track, apply best practice and encourage recalcitrant team members to deliver what they’ve committed to, whether it is writing bid content or drafting their presentation script.

High quality generic text

It’s that job which never quite gets to the top of the To Do list – putting together a library of generic text for proposal documents. We’ve helped various clients to put together responses to regularly requested information like equal opportunities, conflicts of interest and team continuity.

Starting with a review of past bids, we pull out the best examples of answers to FAQs, and edit them for consistency and put them into “one voice” so that future bid documents get off to a flying start and less time is wasted on material which adds little to the chances of winning.

Project management of directory submissions

We have regularly assisted clients with the time consuming but important task of preparing directory submissions. We have project managed the entire legal directory process from putting together and populating the templates; getting sign off from fee earners; liaising with partners to finalise referees; uploading the final templates; coordinating with researchers and coaching the partners to get the most out of the interview process. 

On occasions we have also analysed past directory rankings to suggest ways that these can best be showcased.






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