About Us

At Never Second, our clients are always first. We will work with you to develop strategies and processes which reflect your character as a business and the expectations of your existing or target markets.

We add value through a combination of experience in firms like yours, leavened with insight and expertise gained in other commercial environments.


Never Second was founded by Debi Coles and David Yeoward and started trading in 2007. The primary focus of the business was initially providing hands-on support to professional services firms involved in competitive tenders.

From that core discipline we have been involved in collaborating with our clients to develop proposal processes that are founded on best practice whilst reflecting their markets, client-base and firm culture. We have trained our clients' people in their own best practice process, with tailored, interactive case studies to bring the tools alive by learning through doing. At the last count, we have trained people from over 60 countries.

We have also extended our involvement in the sales process beyond bids. We now work with clients from initial identification of their target markets, through focused business development to key account planning and client satisfaction. Whilst we have developed a proprietary process and tools, our preference is to adapt best practice to our clients’ unique circumstances.


Our approach is founded on building partnerships with our clients and their people. Never Second will sometimes be brought in by a managing partner, but are often introduced by a member of the marketing and business development team, the learning and development department or an individual fee earner. Our first priority is to scope our role for each engagement to cooperate with your team, rather than dis-empowering them by taking away the “interesting bits”.

Whilst we can play a pivotal role in the evolution of your targeting or bid strategy, we are also happy to take the strain by looking after some of the more mundane aspects of winning new work. Obviously we prefer to be engaged early in the process so that we can contribute to all the aspects of a campaign or bid where we can add value. However, it is not unknown for us to be called in at the last minute to turn around a document or rehearse a presentation which has lost its way.

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